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Plastic Card Printers


Now a days, every medium to large size organization goes for in-house employee identity Card production. There are benefits like immediate delivery of card and the organization employee database doesn't go to outside printing agency. Please choose to view the details and specification of the printer below and get the quotation for the same or online you can even chat us.

Many exhibitors, Event Organizers, Corporate programs need Badges to be printed for the participants. The badges normally have the name of participants or visitors. It may have a barcode printed for entry. This printing is done in One colour – Black. The printing cost of single black colour print is substantially low. So it is suitable for printing the badges which are used for very few days.

Many Smart cards are cards with a chip embedded on plastic with memory. Smart cards are used for storing data of the card holder. This data can be read or new data can be loaded on it. Smart cards can be contact or contactless. That means data can be read or written by touching or without touching the chip. Solution: All printers can be equipped with smart card encodes. These encoders are optional. The smart card printer can do smart chip encoding and card printing at same time.

A number of retail organizations offer Loyalty cards to their customers. Many clubs, social organizations offer membership cards to their members.
These type of cards have the data of member stored in the chip or magnetic stripe of the card.
The points per purchase are updated either in card or in the software database when the card is swiped at merchant terminal. These type of cards need smartcard or magnetic encoding along with Loyalty or membership software.
All data card printers can be equipped with smartcard or magnetic shape encoders and then can be integrated with related software.
We have our Loyalty system software that integrates with card printers. We can also develop customized software for membership or Loyalty program. Kindly contact us for more details on this.

The Employees ID Card can be used for access control and to record time attendance of employees.
Some access control cards are thick and hard, they do not pass through the printer rollers.
In such cases, the photo and name identity of person is printed on sticky card. The back side of sticky card is pasted on the access control card.

Patient ID Card in the hospital can be permanent or temporary. Card printers are available for permanent card printing as well as for temporary card printing. This printer uses re-writable cards for printing temporary Ids.
Please choose to view the details and specification of the printer below and get the quotation for the same or we can be contacted through online chatting.

The ATM Cards, debit cards, credit cards are common examples of magnetic cards. These cards have magnetic stripe of backside. The strip contains card holder data in magnetic format. These are 3 tracks in each magnetic stripe. The data needs to be encoded in a format suitable for Card Reader.

All card printers have option of magnetic stripe encoding module. Please refer printer selection table to choose right for your requirement.
We have a printer model FP65 which can do encoding and CVV indenting on financial cards. This printer is used for printing ATM, debit, credit cards at banks branches.
For high volume card printing Central Issuance Systems are used.

The Credit and Debit cards are now an established segment of our culture. We are engaged in selling only the highest quality printers for our valued clients. Moreover, these printers come with high end features for Personalization, Color embossing, Secure magnetic stripe coding, 4 color printing, and many more. Additionally, these versatile, reliable and flexible printers can print the cards at faster pace and can be availed in variable capacities. We offer these printers at highly reasonable prices in market.

The financial card printing can happen centrally or distributed at branch level of bank. We recommend FP65i printer with card wizard software for debit/credit card issuance at branch level. However, the larger requirements are handled by Centralized systems. Please contact us for large printing requirements.

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