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Plastic Cards


We supply a vast range of pvc white cards, which are of international standards. These cards are highly functional for corporate, educational institutes, industries etc. Features: easy to carry durable available in reasonable prizes bulk packing is done as per client’s requirement.
Many of our customers don’t buy printers but outsource printing job to us. We produce PVC cards by digital printing that are manufactured using finest quality materials. This ensures best imprinted graphics and logo quality. Many of these cards are used for membership, loyalty, gift cards and photo ID cards etc..
Identity Cards can be single or both sided, can be printed on PVC or on sticky card to use as access control card. We print excellent quality of Employee id cards. The minimum quantity should be 20 units in a lot. The delivery can be extremely fast..
Exhibitor card this is primarily a card which is used for various exhibitions, conferences and events. Custom variable data is also possible in these one side multicolor printed exhibitor cards. These are available in various sizes.
Laminated ID cards last longer. We produce machine laminated cards for long durability and highest quality.
We do printing of various type of school Student Identity Cards for schools, Colleges, Coaching Classes. The cards can be on plain plastic or could be smart cards. Our past and long experience in this field has made us produce durable and elegant cards.
Membership cards are an effective tool in creating a link between the customer and business enterprises. Membership card is offered by clubs and hotels, retail chains etc. for catering to their member needs. It helps in developing business and customer satisfaction. These glossy laminated cards can also be imprinted with customized logos and graphics. Further, we also offer printed plastic membership card and digital plastic card of the premium quality.
Warranty card is an assurance by the seller of property that the goods or property are as represented or will be as promised. The insured's guarantees that the facts are as stated in reference to an insurance risk or that specified conditions will be fulfilled to keep the contract effective. We provide warranty card with customized printing option on each sides. Further, multicolour options are also available apart from single colour designing and printing. Variety can be offered in terms of embossing or tipping, barcodes can also be printed on these cards.
The Health Card is issued by the state or central government and allows access to insure the health care services. This card helps in availing various types of medical services from hospitals and Insurance companies. This card is identified by a specific number or code, and with an individual name.
Privilege cards are a system of the privilege business model. Cards typically have a barcode or magstripe that can be easily scanned, and some are even chip cards. Many organizations issue this card to their privileged customers. These cards are available in different colours, designing, thicknesses and surface finishing. These cards are highly functional for corporate, educational institutes.
In Embossing , single characters are stamped into the back side of the card, thus they are visible on the front side as heightened characters. Embossing remains to be a high quality way of personalizing a plastic card, however. The embossed characters can be tipped in metallic colours, thus giving the card an even higher value.
We offer transparent card printing on transparent cards, translucent cards, and clear plastic cards, with a faux frosted look using tint screens, spot colours and 4-color process for a unique appearance. Clear cards gained popularity due to the kinds of special effects that are incorporated into the design. Transparent card helps client projects stand out and a part from their competitors.
Loyalty Card system offers customized CRM solutions for every category of business. So you can choose your own custom designed solution.

Benefits of Plastic Loyalty Cards -

  • Know Your Customers.
  • Points Flexibility.
  • Real Time Redemption.
  • Dynamic Customized Offers.
  • Campaign Management Module.
  • Mobile Couponing.
  • Paperless Enrolment.
  • Card-less Transaction.
  • SMS Gateway.
  • Live MIS Reporting.

Gift cards have become the preferred gifting mechanism for people in India. However, most gift cards/vouchers do not provide a flexible system for transaction recording and validation. Gift Cards work real time giving you the power of instant charging of the card and real time validation on redemption. Moreover, if you have a chain of stores, Our Gift card technology will work across all your stores.
Are you looking to increase your customer loyalty? Do want to convert your new walk ins into regular customers? Value card is the perfect answer to your need. Show to your customers that you care for them and offer them the best value with Value Card.

  • How it works
  • Customer comes to your store he wants to make savings on his purchases.
  • He buys the value card considering the flexibility and savings it offers.
  • Customer decides the value of the card within the thresholds set by you.
  • The value card is charged with the appropriate amount using the Terminal.
  • Customer gets option to buy products of greater value than the amount paid by him.
  • Value card holder activates the card by sending an SMS and customer database is collected.
  • Value Card holder shops at your store and presents the card.
  • The Terminal validates the card and amount balance.
  • The cashier deducts the appropriate balance from the card and completes the transaction.
  • A receipt is printed on the terminal and signed by the customer as a proof of purchase.
  • Value card holder can come again to use the value card if there is balance left or if the card has not exceeded the validity period.

We can supply a range of plain as well as pre-printed plastic cards, all manufactured to ISO standard, for use with all types of plastic card printers. From our     own tests we have found our Plastic Cards provide enhanced print quality and image sharpness needed for vivid colours and detailed readable barcodes. Most     items can be supplied direct from stock.
Also available are high quality printed cards at very economic prices. All cards are produced, from artwork as per ISO standards, suitable for further personalization with card printers and embossers. Cards are manufactured using the latest ‘State of the Art’ card production technology.

  • Advantages of using our pre-printed cards are as follows:
  • Saving in costs as printer purchase isn't required.
  • Faster throughput.
  • More consistent output
  • Longer head life means saving on operations.
  • Logo colours can be matched more accurately.
  • Fixed data completely permanent and cannot be erased and does not fade
  • Possibility to have bleed designs and metallic colours like silver/gold.
  • Less wastage of blank cards as well as ribbons.
  • We offer printers cards suitable for Datacard, Evolis, Zebra and Fargo Printers

Magnetic Card a magnetic stripe card is a type of card capable of storing data by modifying the magnetism on the card. The magnetic stripe, sometimes called   a magstripe , is read by physical contact and swiping past a reading head. Magnetic stripe cards are commonly used in credit cards, identity cards, and transportation tickets. Further, we also provide magnetic card reader, portable magnetic card reader, customer pre-printed cards.
This Card is a plastic card similar in size and shape to a credit card, containing a microprocessor and memory (which allows it to store and process data) and complying with ISO 7816 standard. Smart cards are also classified on the basis of the method of their communication and data transfer with the reader device. Based on this criterion, the smart cards are classified as contact cards, contactless smart card reader. A smart carder integrated circuit card (ICC), is in any pocket-sized card with embedded integrated circuits which can process data. This implies that it can receive input which is processed — by way of the ICC applications — and delivered as an output. There are two broad categories of ICCs. Memory cards contain only non-volatile memory storage components, and perhaps some specific security logic. Microprocessor cards contain volatile memory and microprocessor components. The card is made of plastic, generally PVC, but sometimes ABS. The card may embed a hologram to avoid counterfeiting. Using smartcards also is a form of strong security authentication for single sign-on within large companies and organizations. We are widely renowned in the industry for our smart card reader writer and smart card reader writer software
The ACOS 5 card is an advanced cryptographic smart card that fully complies with ISO 7816-1/2/3/4/8/9 and is specially designed for public-key based applications and for enhancing security and performance for RSA public-key cryptographic operations that are essential in smart card PKI, digital signature and high level security requirements. ACOS5 provides up to 32KB EEPROM of secure data storage. Typical applications include payment system, e-banking, e- commerce, stock trading, network security, corporate identity, Microsoft windows logon, PKI application, and cryptographic middleware layers CSP and PKCS#11. 

ACOS3 is specifically designed for highly secure payment applications. With this high degree of security feature, ACOS3 is particularly suitable for applications such as network access control, electronic purse and multitude of other applications in which security is extremely critical.

In addition to the features and functions found in contact smart cards, contactless smart cards contain an embedded antenna instead of contact pads attached to the chip for reading and writing information contained in the chip's memory. Contactless cards do not have to be inserted into a card acceptor device. Instead, they need only be passed within range of a radio frequency acceptor to read and store information in the chip. The range of operation is typically from about 2.5" to 3.9" (63.5mm to 99.06mm) depending on the acceptor.

Contactless smart cards are used in many of the same applications as contact smart cards, especially where the added convenience and speed of not having to insert the card into a reader is desirable. There is a growing acceptance of this type of card for both physical and logical access control applications. Student identification, electronic passport, vending, parking and tolls are common applications for contactless cards.

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