Electrical & Earthing

Category: Data Centre

Data Center Power distribution system has redundancy at two levels. The electrical system is designed to incorporate spare capacity (Minimum 20%) at each distribution level. All wiring is laid in powder coated MS conduits / Aluminum raceway. All power cables have to be PVC insulated type. All cables are armoured cable type except where flexibility required does not permit use of armoured cable. Earthing system is done as per Local Electrical standards. Electrical is designed to have adequate provision for utility power points in each and every area of the Server/Datacenter.
We design, engineer, supply/manufacture, test, erect, install, connect, commission and site test the Electrical Distribution System for any and all power requirements within the Server/Datacenter Facility.
This includes, but not be limited to UPS, Lighting system, ACDB system and input power to various sub systems of the Server/Datacenter.