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Few of the factors considered during Datacenter site selection are size of the room, future expansion, obstructions, entry and exit considerations, floor loading, access to services like cooling ODUs, Electrical input, Earthing, Safety & Security etc.
Our expert team visits your site and we decide best suitable location from the available options considering your current and future requirement.

When site preparation requirements for Server Room are to be prepared, it is necessary to cope with the project need and the physical environment. Advice on the following aspects should be sought from computer vendor(s):

  • Weight and dimensions of the computer equipment.
  • Electrical requirements of the computer equipment.
  • Total heat dissipation and cooling requirements of the computer equipment.
  • Types of signal cables.
  • Equipment footprint with clearance for maintenance and operation.

General Requirements and consideration for site selection :

  • Sufficient floor loading for computer equipment, air-conditioning system, raised floor and emergency power supply system.
  • A minimum require headroom (lowest point of ceiling to structural floor) of 2.8m is recommended.
  • In less heavy industry or corrosive air areas to avoid contamination.
  • Not on top floor or ground floor or the basement of the building to avoid solar heat absorption or flooding.
  • Away from dangerous goods storage, mechanical shock, excessive vibrations and high fire and water risks areas.
  • To eliminate the effect of electromagnetic interference, Server Room should be located away from generator room, lift plant room, or in some cases, the radar or telecommunication control rooms.
  • Sufficient transportation facilities for equipment movement to Server Room (e.g. lift service and passage clearance).

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